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E​(​i​)​ther Or

by Bipolaroid

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Raining cats and dogs on the roof of your house There's no ceiling in your room There's no sunlight hanging there Watching out for lightning bolts Can't see through window In the fog of your glare In the unrelenting downpour Of your misfortunes affairs Every single time it rains, come on Day in the life of a raincloud Laughing like a fool At the thief of this storm Who stole my parasol And the sunshine I adored Give a chance to shine
Once in a dream the foolish king The hearts of queens and ever after Sold it for a third world war, the crown of thorns, his majesty At bishops gate the piper plays To seas of green and doris day Flower trumpets blare the marching snares Of transparent make-believe Breathing underwater Nocturnal spell the iron bell A withered sage's prophecy Of open books king fisher hooks And scientific lunacy Mythical runes pegasus boots Divine gifts and in our rapture A slow divorce invisible force A hand that will crush the dream In house of york of noble blood A battle sword wears so proudly On once once red lips and virgin wrists And fair maidens slumbering Candles and veils a misers tale Of holy grails and in between The gods of ye and trilogies Set out to destroy themselves
Cucumbersome 04:20
I'm a cucumbersome vegetable Gling glo, rainbow Poking my head out of the womb of dirt Staring right back at the sun I'm just a lovely marigold Hey ho, grass grow Up to my neck in the thick woods Choking on the thorns Gluttonous worm got in the apple of my eye Is anyone still there? Cause in the morning I think of time I spent with you I'm just as blind as a belfry bat Zig zag, lolly gag Jolly drunk skunk on his absinthe kick all the while I'm just a stumbling know-it-all Flip flop tick tock Standing one foot in grave without a leg to fall See you I'm just a razor sharp somersault Pea pod divining rod Mermaid fins and fresh water gills of my siamese twin I'm just a sleeping hollow log Seesaw jigsaw Clambake basketcase Right on the needle's eye
Technicolor Autumn & Spring Perfect in symmetry Cubist pedals that you bring Painted by numbers Fall is due, winter's sooner from where you stay Optical glass tangerine, seeing from miles away Shangri-la la la Shape shifter sifting sea change Walking through walls What fine architecture Cobwebs up in my head Brushing the doors of memory Picture taken in the frame of my mind's eye To fade in the night, to cave in the night Shangri-la la la Hello Address of blue jay nest Televisionary cage and canary Technicolor Autumn & Spring Just the way I dreamed of it
The propellers of fate And motored cycles you deserve In mind's eye Mechanisms of wisdom And gears for lessons still to learn Over century's time Karmic engines Rotors of destiny Cylindered fortunes and debts you earn Parallel divide Pistons of truth Of cosmic axels accelerating in kinetic turn How divine
Turn their eyes into a gaze of remarkable stone Hold their heads from teeth and salivating tongues In the mouth of lions Sullen ghost, a presence gone long ignored Cast in the den of manes and terrifying roars Don't say a word Telepathic and unseen Standing still invisible And unbelievably nowhere Comfort their nights and settle the fears of those That enter the cave without ever hope of safe return
Dear Father Time, you've got your watch all wrong Dear Father Time, where has the time all gone? So many years wasted alone So many years wasted Dear Father Time, the clocks that work no more Dear Father Time, your children long ignored Time ticks and the sunset Time's still and the moonlit Dear Father Time, what a long beard you wear Grandfather clock, your crippled hands struck dead
Hallelujah 03:49
Falling down in love with you was all that I could do No scripture verse or catholic church could break the spell of you Falling down in love with you was all that I could choose Ascending in the rapture towards the heavens that were you Spoke without a sound and the sky fell undone No longer cautious to the wind And the earth and the trees they whispered a gentle song Humming along with the wind Falling down in love with you was easy for this fool The pull of the below abyss did not seem to bother you Falling down in love with you was all that I could do No scripture verse or catholic church could break the spell of you Hallelujah
Fell right out of bed Alarm clock summoned up Dragging down the hall To another day of work Sunlight everywhere With my eyes closed shut To fall right out of bed Fall right out of bed Morning don't you wake me up I'm tired of your chore Ever so persistent pursuing routine Fell right out of bed Rooster won't let up Throw him down the stairs And pulling out my hair Knocking on my door The sandman there I hope To fall back into bed Fall back into bed Good night
No telling now where you are Long gone in a flying car And never to ever and never to ever to find It's surprise Can't catch you know if I can Sunny side up in a frying pan And never to ever and never to ever to find It's surprise The spiraling staircase leads my head to the clouds No gravity left to keep my feet on the ground No telling know what you found On the bottom of the Puget Sound And never to ever and never to ever to find It's surprise Stop watch you're a busy bee Nested up in a hollow tree And never to ever and never to ever to find It's surprise Just wonder what would you be Invisible with your laser beam And never to ever and never to ever to find It's surprise
Jane Jubilee 02:25
Jane Jane Jubilee Shaking her tambourine Played to imaginary songs Jane Jane Fairytale Fetching her water pail Out of the lake on the shore A gentle apparition and shy recluse Benign and gentle spirit Sharing her folly Jane Jane Jubilee Hiding all her keepsakes Lockets and secrets evermore Jane Jane Reverie Dancing around with glee Figuring eights on the firth Painted fence is where she sits On the tundra Uphill a window ceil Where she waves Jane, Jane Jubilee Jane, little Jane


released April 18, 2008


all rights reserved



Bipolaroid New Orleans, Louisiana

Spearheaded by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Glover, the group play delta psychedelic music influenced by Syd Barrett and the 13th Floor Elevators, delivering odes to dissociation, time machines, looking glasses, the fifth dimension, and the like on both space rockers and more fey orchestrated pop-psychedelia.Their latest LP, ‘Paint It, Blacker’, was released Oct 2019 on Get Hip Recordings. ... more

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