Illusion Fields

by Bipolaroid

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released October 23, 2010


all rights reserved



Bipolaroid New Orleans, Louisiana

Spearheaded by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Glover, the group play delta psychedelic music influenced by Syd Barrett and the 13th Floor Elevators, delivering odes to dissociation, time machines, looking glasses, the fifth dimension, and the like on both space rockers and more fey orchestrated pop-psychedelia.Their latest LP was released Nov 2013 on Get Hip Recordings. ... more

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Track Name: Vampires on Montegut
Shots ring out on my street
Well I don't want to know
Reckons me to leave
Or should I stay and run

With the vampires on montegut

They're knocking down my door
That's when I reach for my pistol
Someone did me wrong
And now I'm out for blood

How many counts rows the good man?
How many miles do we sit in?
How wonderful it all must look then?
To the undertow of the drowned man
Track Name: Rising Sun
Like a newborn baby crying for a home
Like a flock of sparrows sitting on your throne
Be good little children crossing St Claude
Danger at every corner where care forgot

Day it never dawns
Here inside this house of the rising sun

Gris gris around my neck is a bird in hand
Praying to every angel left in the good book
Hair of my trigger holds my last debt
What's good for the gander ain't got nothing for me
Track Name: Black is the New Black
Oh the sun it is so bright
It juxtaposed my lazy eye
The early bird and worm in sight
Is the left side is the right side

The history book reads way to long
The old familiar favorite song
Oh the light it is so lost
In my darkest hour

Hope the night goes long
Pray for no more
Hope the night goes short
And forever ever ever
Track Name: Bright Shadows
Windows on high
Catches wrong side of the view
On the outside looking in
Shadows on bright
Darkens the obvious hue
On the outside looking

Can't pretend time is on your side
Such a shame cause I changed my mind

Cascade like knives
Back through an ice so thin
On the inside looking out
Cars crash into mine
I'm a wreck but now I'm home
On the inside looking out

Turn yourself around

Windows below
Swallow of bitter words
On the outside looking in
Shadows turn way
The small town where I stay
On the outside looking in
Where the rain goes
The road goes nowhere
Track Name: Dead Horse
Little girl don't you worry
I don't wanna worry you
Dark ruse got your number
I don't wanna frighten you
(When I)

Call on you
Call on you, girl

Black cloud don't you follow
I wouldn't follow me
Devil's bürden off my shoulder
Why don't you get behind me
(Until I)

Well I don't wanna wish you
Wish you well

Dead horse don't you follow
I don't wanna hurry you
Little girl don't you worry
I don't wanna worry you
Track Name: Vibrations
The night crawls into a creep
Coming up the stairs
Coming for me
What's that there, behind me?
A man with a knife following me

No, it's only ghosts
I feel their vibrations

A bullet somewhere bears my name
Walking on the sidewalk walking on blood stains
The moon's a familiar red
The voices I hear laughing at me

They'll reap what they sow
Straight forth from the get go
Given chance not quick to scare
No rest for the wicked

Somewhere I should be
Waiting on the corner waiting for
What that's there behind me?
A man with a knife following me
Track Name: Of House or Home
Going home I ain't ever going home
You can stay up all night waiting for me
But you can sure fire bet that you won't find me
Going home I ain't ever going home

Gonna cry
Don't cry
Gonna cry

Going home I ain't ever going home
You can lay down the reins with all of your rules
But I'm smarter than whip and I kick like a mule
Going home I ain't ever going home

Going home I ain't ever coming home
Track Name: A Second Line for Minutemen
Second line for minutemen
Silver medal well what do you know
A salute to middlemen
Traded shells for decoration

Now I'm burying a silence
Flank of horns and tenor drums
Now I'm marching that mile
Procession of skeletons

Soft parade for delta magicians
Recognition but never a mention
Track Name: Lord As My Witness
No I don't like how you speak to me
And I know you know so what's the deal
And no I don't want to be your friend
Cause a friend like you now that's so surreal

Walk that walk
Mile in my shoes
Talk that talk
Lord as my witness

Yes I'm walking in the shadow of a doubt
But if I die I know where I'm going
But I better off not to see you there
Cause heaven knows it's hell to pay back

Lord I'm living so down and out
But I keep my head up make my own way
And I'd rather lay here than where you are
Cause I tell your tower's coming down crumbling
Track Name: Here Lies Sorrow
What's there to say
Make or break
Made the grade
Yay or nay
Russian roulette
Horse track bets
No regrets

I wish you well

Send off farewell
Yes oh well
Start again
Thanks, old friend
More of same
For chrissake
Get over it

Here comes your chance
Strike up the band
Pick up the pace
C'mon clap your hands
Pull over the wool
Call off the wolves
Wish in one hand and two in the bush

Goodbye suffering
So long darkness
Farewell to my heartbreak
But never forget
Thank you
Your welcome
I've finally arrived
Here lies sorrow right next to mine

Bid you adieu
Will write soon
Wish me luck
Keep in touch
There, at the top
Better stop, now
It's lonely there
From what I hear

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