Transparent Make​-​believe

by Bipolaroid

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released November 8, 2003


all rights reserved



Bipolaroid New Orleans, Louisiana

Spearheaded by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Glover, the group play delta psychedelic music influenced by Syd Barrett and the 13th Floor Elevators, delivering odes to dissociation, time machines, looking glasses, the fifth dimension, and the like on both space rockers and more fey orchestrated pop-psychedelia.Their latest LP was released Nov 2013 on Get Hip Recordings. ... more

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Track Name: Farewell & Godspeed
Counting backwards
Warming engines
Stark transmission
Faster lightspeed
To Orion

Farewell and godspeed

Mankind's quest for
Far distant sun
Mission failure
Craft explosions

Doomed odyssey
Wandering fleet
Mock collisions
Stranded wreckage
Sans omega
One within god
Track Name: King of Cabbages
Time is a rin tin tin jet
Dandelion and a billy goat jaw
Sitting the caterpillar in chair
Smoking his pipe
And the current affairs

Long live the king of cabbages
The king of cabbages

Four in the morning o'clock
Cuckoo caput and the rooster in bed
Howling at a sorrowing moon
Coyote den and a pack of she-wolves

Heir of autumn
Psalm of sows
Reap of countess
Fertile sums
Prosper and turn

A procession of vegetable rot
Juggling sword swallower
And a grizzly bear claw
Curtains for the two headed flame
Pronounced to the throne,
They're crowning, god save and
Track Name: Callous Affair With Lady Godiva
Braving stormy weather
Two birds of a feather
Expecting a cold front
Beating a dead horse

Callous affair with Lady Godiva
Everyone knows

February's cold shoulder
Getting to know her
Bursting the balloon
Of the rocking mare's
Broke wooden leg

Trying to get home
Inch worm
Not getting too far

Her side of the story
Tales of tall category
Striking with three heads
Consuming a unicorn
Track Name: Insect Religion
Small as the eye can see me
Under thumb continually shrinking
Ladybug and gentleman greeting
The grasshopper's violin at the door

Oh we're crushing all
The insect religion

Tall as a blade of grass standing
Trapeze on a tightrope shoestring
Black widow hourglass weeping
Her webs and spinning mourn

Clanging decree
Cricket up creek
The cockroach coach crashing
Crawling with crutch
Cackling crumb
The katydids jarred in a cage

Cupboard in a kitchen pantry
Dust broom and feline feasting
Lunatic moths cling to the ceiling
Of a dimming messianic bulb
Track Name: the Looking Glass
Oh I spy a keyhole
Eight miles high
Oh I see a mirror
Seems just as

The looking glass

Ooh I paint a picture
Window's chime
Ooh I greet familiar
Creatures past

Oh I hear the clock bird
Sing lullaby
Ooh I watch reflections
Sleep just ask
Track Name: Old Witch
I know where you are,
You're in my head spinning
Around in a fog
Of smoke filled rooms
The red telephone
It never stops ringing
The nightingale bird
Perhaps it will sing

Old witch made of shifting sand
Just bring me her head

Good friend lend a hand
With this alligator suitcase please
You're peculiar squid man
With fine tentacles

The sun in your eye
I was halfway asleep
In a gingerbread house with field mice
Let's invite them for a cup of tea

Catalyst sorcery
Cauldron bubbling
Witchcraft summoning
Pagan gathering

The catacomb curse
What's the worth of this skeleton key?
The newspapers said
We'll be married next week
You're awake, go to bed
And dream something fitting
Your loose gown worn
And split at the seams
Track Name: Dimension 5
Trapped inside arctic ice
Cryogenically frozen bubble
Systems go quasar fold
Lasers ready to bring us to

Another dimension

Crystal blue rubber suit
Through molecular arrival
Ion blast seconds past
Electromagnetic use

Out of mind hypnotized
On command clucks like an ostrich
Count to five overdrive
Beam us back from and to
Track Name: Madeline
Shouting out
In applauding rain
With an audience
Of electric shapes
My umbrella's eloped
With the gusting wind
Poor yellow raincoat,
You were much in love with

Madeline girl
I'm madly in love with you
Madeline girl
I'm madly in love with you now

Tumbling onto the greener grass
From the opposite
Of a pick pocket fence
My shadow's unshaved
And speaking very rapid
It looks so very much
Blue from here you see

Summer's stuck in the
Sunshine decline
Subtly suddenly stung

Standing there
With a brick bouquet
In my Sunday best
In my shined shoes dressed
The welcome mat
Feeling not so welcome
Be careful of the steps
They want you to fall for
Track Name: Sympathy for the Swine
The butcher's bloody apron
Soiled with flies and shaven
Large intestines
And legs of lamb to spoil
Pheasant plucked of feathers
Muscles severed
For the lobster's untimely boil

Fowl indeed for us
That loathe sympathy for the swine

Shopping at the market
Cut throat bargain
Wide selection
The fish head tells me so
Bringing home the bacon
Thus cries the raven
The stove is out of coal
But there's money left to burn

Brigade of horse hooves
Accompany of werewolves
At dusk in the woods
Blood thirsty vampires

Chopping block martyr
Guillotine slaughter
Hangman's dilemma
Of the beheaded chicken
Maggots suckling wet nurse
Fermented pus
Caustic secretions
Of a poignant conversation
Track Name: Galileo's Son
Galileo's son
Shines on everyone
In the morning comes
Lights the fabric sky

The moon and stars
Watch over child
Sleeping so softly

Galileo's son
Revolves around her heart
Sings his mother's songs
With earthly delight

Rays of aurora in her arms
Only to rise and be young
And to love again
Offspring of patient
Waking dawn
Only to set in embrace
And be loved again

Galileo's child
Born with telescopic eyes
Past the distant sun
Sees the good in everyone
Track Name: Time Machine
The pyramids and the fall of Rome
Great wall of China and Babylon
Rumors of earthquakes
A biblical flood
Medieval dark age
And Trojan horse

(Inside Center, Col 3)

In my time machine
Traveling time machine
In my time machine
We'll see it in my time machine

Progress of post-dated modernism
Synthetic earth
And the Big Chill implosion
Vaguer famines
And plagues to come
The proletariat revolution

The Age of Ice
And Neanderthal
Confucius and Colossus of Rhodes
Yesterday's face or tomorrow's gun
The queen of Spain
And the Hundred Years' War

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